About Us

In 2007 we set out to make some of the best supplies found online. Realizing that the demand for bright aluminum jumprings was high, we set out to break the mold. In 2009 AluminumJumprings.com was born. Then we realized that the need for jump rings in many different materials was high, so we decided to revise the old website to include rings made out of many different materials. This is it, the premier place to find high quality supplies for your maille making needs.
The AJR.com crew consists of my wife and I. While she doesn't make any of the supplies, she is our shipper when we are busy.  I have been making maille since 2003 and have been producing my own supplies for nearly that long as well.
Here is a little sequence of events so you can feel confident with our experience making your supplies:
2003 - David starts making chainmaille with hand(pinch) cut rings.
2005 - David starts making jewelry and realizes than he needs to cut rings by hand with a saw.
2007 - David starts up an online jewelry business selling handmade sterling silver chains.
2008 - Business grows while David is attending more fairs and shows.
Jan. 2009 - David is accepted in to an organization called the Allegany Artisans
May 2009 - David starts selling saw cut BA rings  on his jewelry website.
November 2010 - David hosts his grand re-opening on www.aluminumjumprings.com.
July 2011 - Renovations begin in order to have more wire storage, ring storage and faster shipping times
September 2011 - Renovations are complete. AJR.com is back to full operating capacity.
November 2014 - We opened our first retail storefront called Inspire Crafts and Hobbies.
All of our rings are made from the highest quality materials money can buy. We believe that passing quality on to the customer and giving them excellent customer service needs to be our main focus. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn't for you right?
Our rings are cut on 2 machines specially built to provide the best cut possible so the seams are barely noticeable when you close a ring. We have refined our cutting process to produce cuts that are virtually bur free. If a ring has a bur when it comes off the saw we will tumble the ring to remove the bur. Rings that are tumbled are left with a nearly mirror shine.
We now are located in an actual retail store called Inspire Crafts and Hobbies. Look for our full line of jumprings coming soon for you to see in person!
AJR.com is located in the wonderful country of Western New York. If you would like to get ahold of us, feel free to email us at: david@aluminumjumprings.com


Processing most orders in 1-3 business days