Welcome to our resources page. Here you will find issues of Tips & Tricks that have been previously released, and any other resource we have provided such as ring sizes and price lists. A PDF reader is required to view these files. "Bright" Aluminum 2013 Price list - Coming Soon! -  Now you can have a quick reference of the base prices of our BA rings when you are not online. Print it out and have one at home and one at the office. "Bright" Aluminum AAR Reference Diagram - Please use this .pdf diagram for a quick reference to our BA ring sizes. If you need an exact reference, make sure to print it out at a 1:1 scale.


Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks volume 1 issue 1 - Aspect Ratio

Have you ever purchased rings to make a certain weave only to find the rings you ordered were completely wrong? Do you want to deepen your understanding of chainmaille in general? If so, read on. This article is for you.


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