Square Wire Rings

This category lists our square wire rings. The AR for square rings is not calculated the same way as the AR for round wire rings.

The AR listed in each product description is a "new" innovation directly from us. We call it SAR. Note that SAR plays an enormous role in ring interaction in certain weaves and does not mean that weaves that work for a certain AR range with round wire will work in a certain SAR range in square wire.

The weaves we have tried with each size will be listed in the product description. In many cases, we will list a weave that the ring was made to make. The rings may make more weaves than what is listed, but until we try them we won't know. The weave list should be an ever expanding catalog of applicable SAR and weave combinations, and will be posed on a separate page.

Please keep this in mind when ordering square wire rings.


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